Lyon Innovation Reader

Gerald Barnett

“The 7 Obligations of Highly Effective Bayh-Dole Compliers”

Daryl Boudreaux

Yves Citton

“An Ontology of Filtering”

“La passion des catastrophes”

Dominique Foray

“Pitfalls in estimating the returns to corporate R&D using accounting data”

M. Gaffiot

Benoît Godin

“Innovation: The History of a Category”

“The Culture of Numbers: The Origins and Development of Statistics of Science”

“Making Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy: Conceptual Frameworks as Narratives”

Yuko Harayama, Shiro Abe, Juan Jiang

“University-Local Industry Linkages: The Case of Tohoku University in the Sendaiarea of Japan”

Béatrice Jaluzot

Some New Developments of Intellectual Property Law in Japan” (citation only)

Tadashi Kobayashi

Jasmine Kway

Stéphanie Lacour

“Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies – Emerging questions for existing laws”

Roger F. Malina

“Talk about the Leonardo organization”

W. Patrick McCray

“From Lab to iPod: A Story of Discovery and Commercialization in the Post–Cold War Era”

David C. Mowery

“Federal policy and the development of semiconductors, computer hardware, and computer software: A policy model for climate-change R&D?”

“Nanotechnology and the U.S. national innovation system: Continuity and Change”

Carol Mimura

“Nuanced Management of IP Rights: Shaping Industry-University Relationships to Promote Social Impact”

Christopher Newfield

“Avoiding Network Failure: The Case of the National Nanotechnology Initiative”

Alfred Nordmann

“Collapse of Distance: Epistemic Strategies of Science and Technoscience”

Ismael Rafols

“The missing link in nanomaterials governance: industrial dynamics and downstream policies”

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Shyama Ramani

“CSR and market changing product innovations: Indian case studies”

Alain-Marc Rieu

“Japan’s Networked Society: Implications for Science and Technology Policy”

“What is Knowledge Society?”

“Géostratégie de la recherche et de l’innovation”

Marie-Louise Saboungi

Background Readings

Robert D. Atkinson and Scott M. Andes

“The Atlantic Century: Benchmarking EU & U.S. Innovation and Competitiveness”

Fred Block

“Swimming Against the Current: The Rise of a Hidden Developmental State in the United States”

“Where do innovations come from?  Transformations in the US economy, 1970-2006”

“Innovation and the Invisible Hand of Government” [book chapter]

Alan Liu

“Thinking Destruction: Creativity, Rational Choice, Emergence, and Destruction Theory”

Bhaven N. Sampat

“The Bayh-Dole Model in Developing Countries: Reflections on the Indian Bill on Publicly Funded Intellectual Property

“Universities in National Innovation Systems” (with David C. Mowry)

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