Andrew Revkin’s New York Times blog is part travelogue, part science blog, and part musings on the challenges of a future marked by the radical alteration of the earth by its human inhabitants. Revkin travels to various environmental conferences and summits around the world to do a sort of meta reporting—many of his posts are about the activities and viewpoints of other journalists linked in a global network of writers working in this field. He also covers a lot of basic science of environmental and energy concern, and U.S. and international energy, science, and environmental policy. Generally, he is cautious (but not skeptical) about scientific assessments of the environmental impact of humans, and advocates scientific innovation and broad, multi-faceted political intervention as long-term solutions, or rather mitigations, of these problems. He is also realistic about the facts that both human behavior must change and that the environment will change. He considers himself nostalgic but realistic about this: life is about change.


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